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Raven Huna Academy

Our Courses


Huna Pathfinders

      This course is an in depth, yearlong course. In this course you and your cohort will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of Hawaiian shamanism. There will be monthly online meetings, as the cohort is able to meet, and in person retreats to meet and practice.

      You will learn the 7 principles, the 3 selves, and 4 selves. You will learn some of the healing techniques, including Kupono, Ho’o ponopono, Kahi Loa, and healing with the Hawaiian goddess in the Kahili family tradition.

       You will also learn Huna shamanic techniques and meditations. Such as the tiki garden meditation, shamanic journeying, Piko Piko (Breath work), and the La’a Kea (Aura healing and manifesting), communicating with nature, and more.        

Raven Huna Virtual Academy

The Raven Huna Virtual Academy is our online forum for  teaching Hawaiian Shamanism as practiced by the Kahili family of Kauai. Online courses will be available and live courses will be offered.  

The Virtual Academy is also a community where you will meet others who are studying Huna Shamanism. 

Cornerstones of Huna

Coming soon 

Huna  Shamanic Voyagers Course

The Huna Voyager Course is a 4-to-6-hour introduction to the basics of Huna Shamanic practice. This course was designed to provide a brief and practical glimpse into the practice of the Kahili family tradition of Huna for everyday life. This course provides basic instruction into the theory, philosophy and application of the theory and philosophy in everyday life and healing. It also covers some of the basic techniques of Huna Shamanic practice.

The material covered will be the 7 principles, the 3 selves, and 4 levels. Some of the techniques you will learn are Shamanic journeying (Huna style), La’a Kea (Love Light), and Divination as a way of healing and understanding the world around you. 

Manifesting with Huna

Coming  Soon

Huna Shamanic Healing Course

Coming Soon

Prerequisite: Huna Voyager Course

Huna Shamanic Forest Bathing

This course can be requested and it teaches you to walk in the forest in a healing way using Huna Shamanic techniques and philosophy.

Huna Meditation and Shamanic Journeying

This course is an in-depth experiential, 3-4 day, deep dive into the Huna principles and how they apply to meditation and Shamanic Journeying.  

Raven Huna does not want cost to be a barrier.

The cost of courses can be adjusted if there is financial hardship. 

Email RavenHuna@gmail.comfor details.

Regional and Virtual Courses 


Huna Kupua Basic Assumptions

The 7 Principles of Huna

1. Ike: The world is what you think it is.

2. Kala: There are no limits.

3. Makia: Energy flows where attention goes.

4. Manawa: Now is the moment of power.

5. Aloha: To love is to be happy with.

6. Mana: All power comes from within.

7. Pono: Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

The 3/ 4 Selves

1. Ku: The Subconscious self who remembers

2. Lono: The Conscious self who imagines

3. Kane (Aumakua): The Higher self who inspires

4. Kanaloa: The Core self who wills

The 4 Levels of Reality

1. Ike Papakahi

The Objective Reality (Scientific)

2. Ike Papalua

The Subjective Reality (Psychic)

3. Ike Papakolu

The Shamanic Reality (Symbolic, Metaphorical)

4. Ike Papaha

The Mystical Reality (Everything is Holistic) 


Email for more information and training locations!!




No cliff is so tall it can't be climbed.

Hawaiian Saying

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