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Raven Huna Academy 

About  Us


Raven Huna

Raven Huna was created to facilitate the teaching of Huna. It started with one request for a course, which has evolved into the Huna Voyager Course, and the requests kept coming. Others wanted to participate with Shamanic Counseling and others wanted Reiki. So, Raven Huna was born.

Raven Huna Academy is the branch of Raven Huna that provide training and teaching of Huna Shamanism. As an Alaka’i (ordained minister) part of my ministry is to teach Huna to everyone who wants to learn. Raven Huna Academy offers individual and group courses and coming soon there will be an online course, Raven Huna Virtual Halau. As the Academy has grown I have discovered many new things and ideas. Huna has little structure to it, and it is the practitioner’s responsibility to set their own structure. As Raven Huna’s physical location is in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, the Academy has added some new symbols as needed to adapt Huna to the mountains and not on an island in the middle of the Pacific. An example is the Academy use the 4 cardinal directions and the 4 basic elements (Fire, Air, Water Earth) associated with them instead of the traditional Hawaiian sacred directions I was taught, which are above, below, seaward, and inland. As you can see, the Hawaiian is not as useful as the cardinal directions in the mountains.

Raven Huna Consultingwas created in response to several clinicians seeking guidance with non-Judeo-Christian religion and faith practices as part of their diversity programs. Having been trained in many different traditions and a lot of studying, other clinicians have asked for help with clients who practices these faiths and curiosity. 

Shaman is a word from the Tungusic people of Siberia. Anthropologists borrowed the word to describe a type of healing that they had never seen before that time. Shamanism has come to describe a healer that works on one’s beliefs, trance states, and other techniques to heal an individual. Although shamanic techniques vary from culture to culture, most act as healer, religious leader, and counselor all rolled into one. Each system tends to vary based on the practitioner, as most shamans these days learn from a variety of traditions and teachers.

The Hawaiian system is often called Huna today. 

Aloha, I'm Lee "Kuhi" Sinnott

I am a husband, father, and Clinical Mental Health therapist.  My spiritual journey began at an early age. At the age of 6, I would spend hours in the woods, hiking and often getting lost. I quickly learned to watch the animals and the trees to find my way home. I grew up in the Christian faith and after several mystical and spiritual experiences that no one could explain, I went looking for the answers. Following the path Jesus Christ set for me I found myself in some very strange places. During my Spiritual adventures I met many different people and teachers learning many different things. Some of the things I learned were Druidry, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Saivite Hinduism, and Kung Fu.

I was lucky enough and honored to learn some Native American traditions as well. I have been trained as a Fire Keeper, Pourer of Sweat Lodge, and being able to take part in Vison Quest Dances  at the Center For Peace in Seymour Tennessee.

In 2012 my life changed when one of my teachers recommended “Urban Shaman” by Serge Kahili King. From that day I have practiced and studied the Huna Kupua Tradition as taught by Serge Kahili King. It matched my own beliefs and made room what I believed and already found true. Huna also provided a practical and effective system to heal myself and help others become who they want to be. After several years in Huna journey, and years of study and practice, I became an Alakai (ordained minister) of the Order of Huna International.

My Hawaiian name given to me during my ordination is

‘O ‘Oia ke kuhikuhi pono

One who will teach well.

Kuhi for short. 

My Mission

  • To teach Huna to all who want to learn so they can heal themselves, their environment and live the lives they want with the Spirit of Aloha.

  • To help others heal using Huna and with the Spirit of Aloha.

  • To increase understanding and acceptance of other faith traditions in the world. 

My Vision

To teach and be an example of the Aloha Spirit.



A dream is a bearer of messages to man.​

Hawaiian Saying

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