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Raven Huna Healing Arts

Our Services


All Services are Available by Appointment 

Shamanic Counseling and Life Coaching 

Shamanic Counseling uses the Huna philosophy and shamanic techniques and understanding of the world to help the client create what they want in life.  This is a way of empowering your self and helps guide you to your inner power and the aloha spirit. This is not Clinical Mental Health Therapy.

Cost: $50/ hr


Reiki is a simple and gentle energy technique that is used for stress reduction, healing, and self-realization. Reiki originates from Japan and is more than 2,500 years old and can complement many medical or psychological care. The benefits include: a deep sense of calmness, relaxation, mental clarity, gentle release of emotions, accelerated healing, and increased energy.

Cost: $90.00/ hr

Kahi Loa

Kahi Loa, often called “magical touch”, is a Hawaiian technique of energy healing involving light touch of the skin only. This technique simulates healing in the body using the 7 elements used in the Kahili family system of Hawaiian shamanism.

Cost: $90/ hr, 

         $50/ 30 min

Dynamind Technique (DMT)

The Dynamind Technique, or DMT, is a safe, easy, fast, and effective method of healing based on a special blend of words, touch, breath, and sometimes, imagery. DMT helps prepare the mind and body so that healing can happen more easily.

Cost: $45/hr

Marriage Officiant &

Pastoral Care Services

As an ordained Alakai (Minister) I can provide pastoral services such as Weddings, Baptism, land and house Blessings. 

Cost: Various 


Kupono is the Kahili family version of Ho’o ponopono which is a Hawaiian practice of conflict resolution. Kupono can assist individuals, groups, organizations and families in resolving conflicts, achieving goals and creating harmony. The process is made up of seven steps with various techniques for each step. Kupono means “to do things correctly and appropriately” as well as “to move straight toward a goal.”

Cost: Various

Email to See Available Appointments

Raven Huna does not want cost to be a barrier.

The cost of these services can be adjusted if there is financial hardship. Email for details.


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You will be well served when you care for the person who serves you.

Hawaiian Saying

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